How do solar battery storage systems work (Complete Guide)

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A solar panel or photo-voltaic (PV) module gathers PV cells mounted in a framework for installation. Sunlight will be the source of energy used in solar panels to generate direct current electricity. 

We all know about the importance of sustainable energy. A solar battery storage system is the answer to our environment and our wallet’s “well-being.”

If you are thinking of buying solar panels, we have gathered the essential information you should know. By reading this article, you will have sufficient knowledge to make a thought-out decision. 

Let’s get started! 

What is a solar battery storage system?

A solar battery storage system refers to converting sunlight energy into storable electrical energy via solar panels. Then, the energy flow can be channeled in the home electrical system to power household appliances. Adding solar battery storage is a great way to use renewable energy to improve your independence from the grid.

How do solar battery storage systems work? 

Generally, solar battery storage is complex equipment that can convert the sunlight to DC electricity and store the excess electricity flows in the power system. One critical component, the inverter, can convert DC to AC and feeds to the grid. Thus, the power can be used in household appliances. 

The core of the solar battery storage system is the battery. This component stores the incoming sunlight energy or excess electricity from the solar panels and discharge later when needed. A battery will have a maximum capacity and needs various times to charge fully. Once the batteries are fully charged, the remaining solar energy is exported to the grid.

The energy monitoring system acts as a sensor in the solar battery storage system, enabling users to visualize all the power flow. More importantly, it knows how much energy is consumed from the grid, the battery information, and the consumption pattern.

The system allows users to monitor the real-time performance of solar batteries through a mobile app. Any system failure will be detected instantaneously and reported to users. 

A solar battery storage system lowers your energy bill

Solar panels will generate the most energy throughout the day. During this time, households use the least amount of electricity. The solar PV system will be triggered to produce an energy surplus. Simply put, adding a solar battery storage system allows you to store extra electricity for later uses.

Since the energy is generated from the sun, the nRuit solar battery storage system brings low-carbon energy to your home. In this way, less electricity will be imported from the grid, which can reduce your energy bills. Our power porter series has five standard models, which enable us to install a customized number of solar panels, which is suitable for every customer’s needs.

Plan 1: 4kW Solar + 5kW Inverter + 6.1kWh Lithium Battery

Plan 2: 5kW Solar + 5kW Inverter + 9kWh Lithium Battery

Plan 3: 6kW Solar + 10kW Inverter + 12.2kWh Lithium Battery

Plan 4: 10kW Solar + 10kW Inverter + 12.2kWh Lithium Battery

Plan 5: 10kW Solar + 15kW Inverter + 24.5kWh Lithium Battery

Turn to solar batteries during blackouts and outages

Power outage is a frequent event in people’s lives. Power cuts are due to the aging grid system. Such a system is usually not upgraded because of the required investment. As a result, more and more homeowners are considering renewable technologies which can power their home during outages. 

The backup power system is used to provide energy when the primary source fails. Power porter automatically provides backup power by integrating the system with solar panels. In the end, a solar battery storage system can be used when electricity prices are at peak time or during emergencies (blackouts). 

What nRuiT power porter system includes?

  • Power porter

  • Solar PV Panel

  • Smart Inverter SPF5000

  • Mounting bracket

  • WIFI/ GPRS module

  • Distribution Box


nRuiT energy battery storage manufacturer is a leading manufacturer of energy storage solutions. We provide a complete range of solar battery storage systems for commercial and residential users. 

Our solar battery storage system can provide various advantages such as energy conservation, high efficiency, and remote monitoring. The main advantage of using our solar battery storage system is complete control over the energy flow and reduced electricity costs.

For any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

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